Pictorial or illustrated cards from around the World

The cards carry a marker or 'index' so that games can be played with them

We include Fortune Telling cards below


Spiel und Land

Dance tunes

Gioco d'Armi

Chronology of Popes

Instructive Minchiate

Jeu de la Révolution

"Jeu de Reynes..." version

Silvestre's Heraldry

Jeu des Hommes


Pasquin's Windkaart

Buffoon cards

Jeu des Drapeaux

Jeu Geographique...

Jeu des Grotesques

Brianville's Heraldry

Brianville's Heraldry

Reines Renommées

Four French Provinces

Twelve French Provinces

Francais Anglais Port.

British Columbia

White Pass/ Yukon

American Indians


Fortune Telling


Grand Etteilla

Grand Jeu

Sybille de Salons

Petit Oracle

Ye Witches

Petit Oracle

Petit Lenormand

Livre de Destin

New Fortune

Petit Lenormand

Comic Fortune