Pictorial or illustrated cards from England

The cards carry a marker or 'index' so that games can be played with them

These were very popular from c1670 for around 100 years and cover a great variety of themes



Moxon's Astronomical

Aesop's Fables




Morden's Map Cards

Geographical Cards

Compendium of Geog.

New Hodges Geog.

Court Game of Geog.

Arms English peers

Arms Scottish peers

The (Horrid) Popish Plot

The Meal Tub Plot

Knavery of the Rump

Marlborough‘s Victories

Impeachment Sacheverell

Bubble Cards

Bubble Cards

"All the bubbles"

Stock Jobbing Cards

English Monarchy

Natural History subjects

Proverbial Cards

Songs with Flute

Spanish Armada

Armes of Nobility

Monmouth's rebellion

The Beggar's Opera

Forrest Cards

Proverbial Cards

Hodges’ Astronomical

Reign of James II

Instructive Cards

Delightful Cards

Fortune-telling cards

Hodges Astrological

Pastime Cards

Proverbial Cards

Cries of London

Pastime Cards