Non-Standard cards from around the world

Broadly typical cards but traditional court designs are replaced with real or fictional characters


Brocade cards

Neue Ovale

‘Four Continents’


Fashion Portraits

Non Std XP

Les Mousquetaires

Album Suisse

Historical costume

Whist No.158

Schroeter's Neue 1

Schroeter Whist 4

Schroeter Neue 7

Costumes Suisses

Jeu de Talma

Genji Poems

‘100 Poets‘

'No' Drama

Musha garuta


Wilhelm Tell

scenic Nuremberg



Turkish Natl

Polish 1818


Kings and Queens

Confed Generals

Reichs Karte


Jagd—Karte lndus

3 Musketeers

Seminole Wars


Globe circular