A variety of games from many countries

Without suits, most of these are 'card games' not 'playing-cards'

There are some early adaptations for magic tricks



French Monarchy

'Histoire de France'

Les Cris de Paris


Histoire Greque

Das wandernde Gluck

Hexenspiel Fescher


Coiffures and hats

Cambio Boman

'Gnau' Salomon & Co

Old Testament History

Bible History OT

Bible History NT

Hocus Pocus conjuring

Magic conjuring

Timothy Ticklewit

Questions & Answers

English History jig-saw

Conversation Cards

Historical Pope Joan

History of Kings

History of England

Historical Pope Joan


Puzzle cards

Moral verses

Pantheon/ Mythology

Pantheon/ Mythology

Puzzle cards Darton

Hand-made conjuring

Poker-Dice No 1107

iroha karuta (alphabet)

Poem cards

Famous Place Poems

Tang dynasty Poems

Musical Games

History of France

Rural Scenes

Cries of Hamburg

History of England

Royal Revels

English Monarchy

Jeu de Corbillon

Old Testament History

Old Testament History

Nuovo Testamento

Costume cards

Ancient Roman History

Ancient Greek History

Roman Emperors

Alphabet Cards


Arithmetic Carvalho

Optical Cards

Magic 1

Magic 2